Monday, February 19, 2007

Bonehead Ghazals: Love Crimes

The whiskey talked big time with water,

the ice made hot-chat chime with water.

Old vapours seeded cloudiness,

the sweat worked up sweet grime with water.

They rock and rolled the boat all night,

he sailed her hull to climb the water.

They lie together, they hold each other,

yet did they slip through time and water?

The guilt’s red kiss is on the collar.

Can one dissolve a crime in water?

A bath is boring without another

so swirl the oil of thyme through water.

The wine is rotten grapes in bottles

when all one wants is lime and water.

Some rain, some tears – who writes this tale

of love-crimes made sublime through water?

These lines are Bonehead’s diving-boards -

some flip flop mono-rhyme with water.

Chris Mooney-Singh